The Craw21 is here!


Craw21 has a large profile but maintains a flat body so weedless hook ups are a breeze.


As always I want to give you choices in how to present the lure. Supplied with the Claws and Tentacles attached to eachother you can decide how much action you want.  For an inert lure leave them as is but for more action on the retrieve and drop seperate them from eachother.


40mm - 0.8g


Available in packs of 5, 10 and 20


More lure sizes will be coming in the near future.


All lures are made to order and will be shipped as soon as they are cured.


  • Hook Pattern Hook Size
    310 4
    310LE 4
    Joint 8
    Sport MH14 8
    Drop Shot N/A
    Wacky DS N/A
    Kaizu City 8